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My experience at interviews

I did well at my interview with my present employer. Before that interview the agency required the applicants to create video to introduce themselves, their work skills and abilities for future employer. I’m sure that video helped me a lot for they know me and trusted in my capacity. My experience in working abroad helped me a lot too. Before the interview I prepared myself on how to answer. I kept my composure during the interview and I also mentioned to them my past working experience. For those who want to work abroad, during your interview remember to be humble and honest. It is important also to have a smile on your face and to be courteous.

 — Maricris Combo

Interviews can be very scary at times. Excessive sweating, moist palms, stomach churning, stammering and body shaking are some signs any individual could feel during interviews because of nervousness. But on the other hand it can be avoided, if you are prepared in advance for the actual interview. During the interview with my previous employer, I just answered all the questions with confidence, with my heart and mind. I told them my experience, my abilities and that I am serious and showed an interest in getting the job.

I shared some of my problems from the past which were related to the job they were offering and how I was able to cope and face them. I guess I was able to convince them and they believed me, because they felt my sincerity and passion to work with them. 

There are some things though, that you must not mention during interviews, never say anything negative regarding your past employer. This may give a bad impression to your prospective employer that you are someone who is not easy to get along with. Do not mention personal problems or your weaknesses either.                      

 — Rodeline Iloreta

I did well in my interview with my present employers so they hired me. Actually this is my second work contract with them. What I did was simply make their mind-set secure with the way I spoke with them. I displayed self-confidence during the interview. I told them that I am responsible enough to do all the tasks being asked of me and work voluntarily.

It is important that during the interview, you do not say something that you think is impossible to be done or proven. My advice to the people who may be interviewed by potential employers is just be honest, be yourself.                                

   Alberta Iringan

During the interview I was true to myself and showed my prospective employer that I am a good worker whom they can trust. I was honest when they asked me questions. I was able to convince them that I know my ability in my work, as I can do all the household chores. I am a hardworking person who works without complaint.

Interviews are part of starting the relationship between employer and employee so I show them that I am trustworthy and willing to be a part of their family as their helper. 

 — Shiela Mission  

There is a saying that first impressions are the most lasting. The first thing I did during the interview was put on a smiling face as I greeted my prospective employer. Chinese people like a happy and sweet face. While sharing with her my working experience and skills, I was looking straight into her eyes, which is a sign of my sincerity and interest in the work.

During the interview I answered the questions with confidence. When they asked me why I left my previous employer, I told them that it was due to the long service fee.


Knowing the local language can be of big help. During the interview my prospective employer was impressed that I can speak and understand Cantonese. They were happy also to know that on my holidays I spend my time at the church. My advice to those who will undergo interviews is to be honest and never compare employers or speak badly about them. Wear a cheerful face. Avoid asking your prospective employer many questions, because this will annoy them.                                                                                              

 — Maria Shane Tan