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All winners in God’s eyes

A search for the Mutya Pistahan sa Nayon (Pearl of the Village Cultural Festival) organised by the Simbayan-KAMMPI was held at Notre Dame parish, Ma Tau Wei, on June 9, under the theme Ang Bayan Ko (My Country).

For me, the day was like walking down history lane watching the competition with each of the communities displaying their dramatic talents in interpreting the song Bayan Ko, showing how The Philippines suffered under foreign control and finally gained independence.

I especially appreciate the message of using recycled items to protect our environment in the event. The stage was spectacular as each of the candidates paraded in their creative evening gowns made from old newspapers, burned CDs, coloured styrofoam, used plastic spoons, forks painted in gold and empty sacks of rice, among other things. Each handmade gown is a labour of love for the community.

Our member in the Apostleship of Prayer, Clarita Reclamado, won the title of first runner-up. Congratulations to all candidates who took part in the event. You are all winners in God’s eyes.

This occasion reminded us how to love and respect others, and to maintain peace and faith in God. Without the cooperation of one another, this event could not have materialised.

In a special mention, I thank Heartleen Bongon, who helped me with the decoration of the stage.


Helen Pablo
Apostleship of Prayer Centre 4
Kennedy Town