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Notice Board



Let’s welcome the new administration

The newly-elected president of the Republic of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, took his official oath of office on June 30. He is the first mayor in our political history to hold the highest position in the government.

We are anxiously awaiting his way of governance as president. We welcome him as the leader of our nation as he won the hearts of Filipinos. 

I think he is a good disciplinarian, a man of integrity and honour and I believe that he was the right choice of the Filipino people.

He addresses the hopeless concerns of Filipinos and the major problems of our country, and shows a strong determination to fight against illegal drugs, crime and corruption.

I am hopeful that these serious and top problems will be solved in six months’ time or so, as he promised before he was elected.

This is what Filipinos long and hunger for. I am positive that the new administration will be the answer to the cries and suffering of many Filipinos, who have been deprived of their civil rights for so long.

People cry for change, but must we not forget that change starts within ourselves. There will never be change until we change our mindsets.

We need to have clear and positive approach to the diversities of life, preserve and defend our constitution as a democratic and God-fearing nation, promote equal rights and privileges among rich and poor, be inspired by the spirit of love and compassion to the less fortunate and needy people, bridge the widening gap between the rich and poor.

We need to become bearers of hope and peace, standing courageously to seek truth and justice for all.

I will thank the previous Aquino administration for serving the needs of Filipinos. They may have some failings and shortcomings or unfulfilled dreams for Filipinos and the nation, but I think we have to accept human weaknesses and imperfections.

What really matters is that the previous administration was quite true, sincere and honest during its term of office.

We are indeed people of one nation, of one race, believing in one dream for a happier, more peaceful and stable nation.



Thought for the week

Sea of great love

My dear child, what are you looking for?
Why are you still struggling all day long?
Come to me and I will open my heart’s door,
For in my heart of hearts is where you belong!

From a long distance I am watching over you,
Sending my holy angel to be your guiding light.
Do not be afraid about your unseen tomorrow,
In me you are secured, in your God’s loving sight.

One thing I ask of you my precious child, my dear
Come to me with your whole heart and surrender all.
In me you have everything and nothing to fear,
I will always answer your prayer whenever you call.

I called you by name through baptism so you are mine,
Listen to me attentively as your loving Almighty Father.
Live with my holy words daily and let your light shine,

Come closer to my sea of great love,
and immerse your human will.
Unite all things on earth as it is in heaven above,
With a heart full of mercy and love.

 •  Sister Mary Cordero     
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows