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Do you think the new president can bring hope?

President Rodrigo Duterte is the new hope for the Filipino people. I trust that he will free our country from corruption, illegal drugs and protect the people, especially the children.

In the first week after he became president, he proved himself by changing people’s lives. He has offered high bounty for arresting drug lords and planned to impose a curfew for minors to fight crime.

I hope that The Philippines will be a safe place to go, which may increase business ventures with other countries. Change, however,   must start within ourselves.

 — Rodelyn Balena


By his administration we can see that he has showed that he is serious in implementing all the laws and rules in governing the country and to fight crime and corruption. Many changes that Filipinos have been yearning for are beginning to appear. I believe that change is coming.

 — Maricris Catmon


If you all notice that before President Duterte won, he always acknowledged God and gave all to God to decide. That’s why I really believed that God is with him and continues to use him as an instrument to make our country peaceful and full of God’s love.

Another reason why I believe that there is hope is because this is the first time in Philippine history that the drug lords, pushers and users have voluntarily surrendered. I heard that the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) has improved when it comes to cleanliness and services, no more bullet scams, and the Divisoria, which were once crowded with hawkers, are now cleared and clean and safe to stroll there. Our president also supported a move to increase the pension for senior citizens. 

 — Nenita Gallego


The kind of leadership our new president, Rodrigo Duterte, is showing is fiery and strong and is bringing hope to the country. His campaign against drugs, criminals and corruption from the beginning was never a broken promise. His quick response to it started when he ran for president and the change is undeniable.

I think he is a man of honour and action and no one can do his job like him. The transparency and sincere service that people are longing and hungering for is being answered by him. I will give him a big “Yes” and trust that his leadership will bring hope to change the face of The Philippines and hope that it will soon be identified and recognised as one of the livable places for everyone—except criminals.


 — Rose Mary Ranes