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Following the lead of the Spirit

The Gospel St. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and for those who believe in him will not perish, but will have eternal life.”

This is only one of God’s promises that I hold onto in sharing his goodness and his kindness with the fellow members in our community.

When humankind drowned deeply in sin, there was no way to escape from eternal death, until God the Father sent down Jesus Christ and sacrificed the life of his son in order to redeem the world and all humankind.

However, thousands of years after Jesus Christ was crucified and hanged on the cross, many people are still walking astray by doing wrong and clinging onto opposite beliefs from the teachings of our Church as Christians.

Therefore our Churches are doing their best by organising different seminars to keep people mindful of their spiritual lives, as it can help everyone to divert their hearts away from worldly matters. In one way or another, we can possibly make people understand the love of God and how we are precious in his eyes.

In Holy Family parish, we, the Charismatic Community, have been organising Life in the Spirit Seminars every year and recently we finished our sixth batch. It was held on July 17, 24 and 31.

The seminar tackled seven topics which consisted of God’s love, salvation, new life, receiving God’s gifts, baptism in the Spirit, growth and transformation.

Everything is an opening up of our hearts to how to live in the Spirit and be controlled by him in order to have eternal life in God’s kingdom. For me, I’ll never get tired of being an instrument of God in bringing his people back to him through this seminar.

As head of this community it is my best way to serve him, to help my fellow overseas workers to come closer and to know him more, especially about his love and his will. The only requirements of the participants is to humble themselves by listening to the messages of God, to be patient and to be obedient.

Organising this seminar can be compared with a farmer. When planting rice, the farmer needs to be resourceful and materialise all the virtues that the Blessed Mother Mary possess.

We need to bend our knees and bow down our heads before God and to our co-workers. We nurture the plant until it grows beautiful and bears much fruit. It says in the scripture, “What you sow is what you reap.”

In the vineyard of God, like the rice field, we need some materials and resources to fulfill our goals and to achieve great success and a victorious event.

Like the under shepherds who are imitating Jesus Christ’s stewardship, the speakers and those who share that tackled the different topics; the worship leaders; the different committees and the auxiliaries; all of them unselfishly answered to the call of service.

We also need to thank the priests who, despite their busy schedules, shared their views on the importance of salvation in our life.

Perhaps we are only limited instruments of God, but because we were holding hands together and putting God in our centre and united as one in sharing our talents and abilities, everything was victorious and we believe that God has been glorified.



 • Belinda Parreñas
Holy Family