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Is it important your children get good exam results?



As parents, the achievement of our children is always our pride. We work abroad in order to give them a good education. It is important for us that they are performing well in school and that they get good results in their examinations, so they can be promoted to another level. Their education will pave the way to a brighter future.

 — Rovelyn Maralit

All parents dream about their children being successful in their future undertakings. As a parent of three children, I believe that education is one of the keys to success. Therefore, I think children should strive to study well and pass their school exams. Parents should motivate, inspire and provide for the needs of their children.

 — Florivina Melad

Parents normally like to give their children a good education. This is one reason why I left my family to work abroad. I want my child to have good results in his exams. 

However, if my child does not pass the exam, I will not punish him. I will motivate him and ask him to calm down. I will talk to him like a good friend and ask him where the problem is. I am sure my child needs me to have a mind and heart for him. Punishing him because he did not do well in his exams will only discourage him.

Some children have a hard time coping up with their studies. As long as I see him trying his best, I will encourage him and give him motivation to continue to study, even if he fails.

 — Marilen Pabilona

If my child got good grades in his school exams, as a parent I would feel proud of him. Our effort and hard work would be compensated. On the other hand, if a child fails an exam, I don’t see any point in punishing him. Punishing a child for failure would not help at all. It can cause a lot of distress, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and also put up a barrier between the parent and the child. 

I believe it is important to first find out why the child fails the exam. There can be a reason, such as having difficulty understanding the lesson or not studying for the exam. There is also the possibility that the teaching is hard to comprehend. If this happened to my child, I would definitely motivate and challenge him.

Being a supportive parent to our children, whether they do great or whether they fail, will eventually lead to many great things. It is easier for our children to listen to the advice we give. They will trust you, because they know that no matter what, you are there to stand up for them through thick and thin. 

Talk to your child. You as a parent can help motivate and challenge your child to become one great person in the future.

 — Mary Grace Palasigue

Yes it is important for my children to get good results in their exams, because they serve as a measure of whether they have learned something or understood the things being taught to them. Also, I will motivate my children to study hard and explain to them that it will be for their own good in the future. I will tell them that if they get good results in their exams, they will have better opportunities. It will boost their self-confidence too. The better they do, the more confident they will become.


 — Karen Verbo