CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 9 February 2019

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Young people walk for peace

Seoul (UCAN): Around a hundred Catholic young people walked 248 kilometres through Korea’s demilitarised zone (DMZ) while also praying for reconciliation and peace between the North and the South.

Young people from Korea and around the world began the DMZ Peace Pilgrimage of Youth at Goseong on August 13 and finished at Imjingak Park in the city of Paju, on August 19.

Michelle Kim, from the United States of America, said, “I saw a poster at the 103 Saints Church in New Jersey, and I decided to join the event. I was born and raised in the States and I learned about the divided Koreas from my parents.” 

Kim continued saying, “I had visited the DMZ seven years ago, but this time I’m happy to join with many Korean and international friends.”

Stephen Shin Han-seop, a student of international relations and diplomacy, said he met many North Korean students while studying in China, which got him earnestly thinking about reunification.

“I hope this pilgrimage event will arouse the importance of reunification among the youth,” he said.

Andrew Park Ji-ung, from Taegon, said it was a pity that the pilgrimage was unable to walk on the North Korean side. “I hope one day we can go to North Korea freely,” he said.

Andrew Cardinal Yeomg Soo-jung, from Seoul, had earlier blessed the young people at a ceremony at Coste Hall at Myeongdong Cathedral.

“Please feel the preciousness of peace while walking at the scene of the national division and bring forth peace (for) all Koreans,” he told them.

The pilgrimage was organised by the Seoul reconciliation committee.

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