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My happy writing experiences

Sometimes at home, I read my compilation of articles. Every time I read the work of my own hands I smile. I am even tempted to ask where I got all those ideas and words to express myself from. Yet there is no doubt about it as it has all been God’s mysterious work in my life. His plans are unfathomable by human understanding.

I could not have come this far without God’s spirit leading and guiding me in what to write and say if I only depended on my limited ability. I also keep my poems. I feel encouraged when I see them, as writing poems is more difficult than writing articles. They are achievements far beyond my wildest dreams and imaginings. 

Most of my articles were written in Hong Kong and some in Africa. They are the means to express my love, passion and dedication to both my previous jobs as migrant worker and missionary of faith while I was in foreign lands. Indeed, the stories are the living testimonies of my faith and no one can ever erase these memories instilled in me. 

Life is indeed a mixture of pain and happiness, tears and laughter, defeat and victory, failure and success in all its ups and downs, and twists and turns. All these experiences colour my life beautifully and meaningfully. I boldly share my life’s journeys so that others can draw some strength and perhaps some inspiration in life from my articles. 

I enjoy my stay at home now. I have even a greater role to play for my own family, as I am now taking good care of my aging and ailing mother. For me, family is a treasure. I value it over and above any material things on earth.

But I keep writing down my inspirations and share them with others because God has blessed me with the ability to write. We cannot ignore what God has stored in us because each one of us is richly blessed by God in many ways. We are all shaped for different reasons and purposes for God’s kingdom. 



• Lynn Salinas