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God speaks in silence

God speaks in the silence of our heart.

The good news he would like to impart.

To have him in the communion of the heart.

Welcome him and let us have a good start.


Are we aware of God’s presence each day?

If not, start to feel his presence from today.

Make him the goal of whatever you do or say.

Your life will change from today.


Heart speaks unto heart, be attentive my dear.

Don’t miss every beat of his heart, loud and clear.

When you obey his word there is nothing to fear.

Heaven and earth will pass, not his love, he swears.


Even though in the midst of life’s noise,

heed his love expressed in a gentle voice

that can set your body and soul in a perfect poise

To have a blessed life is truly a matter of choice



Sister Mary Cordero
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows