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Beijing supports Assad’s military

BEIJING (AsiaNews): The Chinese army will offer training in medical care to the Syrian military of Bashar Assad, which has been engaged for over five years in a civil war.

The Chinese Defence Ministry announced on August 25, “After consultations between the two armies... it was decided that the Chinese military will provide the Syrian side with professional medical and nursing training.”

A spokesperson for the ministry, Wu Qian, said, “Training will be done in China.” He added that it is intended to help reduce the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Wu also recalled that recently medical equipment and medicine have been supplied by Beijing to Assad’s Syria.

“For a long time, China and Syria helped each other. And China has always pushed for a political solution to the Syrian conflict and we have always supported the independence of Syria,” Wu explained.

Beijing has been a solid supporter of Assad in order to back up Russian political interests and its support of Assad in a supposed attempt to isolate the Islamic State in its guerrilla war with the Syrian regime.

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