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The apple of his eye

Friend, you are the apple in his sight,

A true bearer of his own bright light.

Faithfully, you are praying day and night,

Your complete trust in God is his delight.


Rejoice, for today is your special day!

A chosen date by God is your birthday.

Truly, he will not forget you, 

Because this God is your Heavenly Daddy.


Friend, be grateful for the gift of this life,

Use his words of wisdom against the strife,

Love is sharper than a double edged knife.

Be glad, make music to God with your fife!


Indeed you are precious in his heart.

Simply draw near to him with a quick dart.

Tell him that you love him from the very start.

Daily walk with him and you would be smart.



 •  Sister Mary Cordero
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows