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How do you feel about the drug killings?

From my point of view, drugs are the number one problem in The Philippines. I feel sorry and numb about the killings. But the fact is, no drug lord has been sentenced or there is not enough evidence to prove their crimes. I just pray for all the victims of killings because we are really not sure if they were guilty or not or if they were really involved in drugs.

When this is cleaned up, the president should focus on the reconstruction of the roads and plans regarding poverty and support for farmers.

 — Amelia Bacud



Killing is wrong as stated in the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” And with that I am against killings of any person.

However, I do support that actions should be taken in the war against drugs. I have seen and even experienced the effects of drugs in society. It destroys families. It is a cancer to society. Our government is ridding our country of what ails the family and our society. So, I am with the Philippine president on that in order for our people to contribute to the development of our country, drugs must be stopped.

 — Alex Gacho



It is expedient to have the drug lords killed because they are the number one plague in our society. They are the reasons why many of our young people, the future of our country, are addicted to drugs and crime. In my opinion, drug abuse is the worst crime in The Philippines. However, President Duterte should also focus on the unemployment issue. and remove the age discrimination in hiring an applicant.

 — Quennie Jean Figueroa



I feel relieved because the number of drug lords are being reduced. Less drug lords means less distributors of drugs, less pushers and users. The anti-illegal drugs campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte, is hence, effective, because many drug users surrendered themselves to the authority. This will lead to less crime involving drugs. This will provide safety of innocent people.

However, about the killing, I say no to this because the suspects should undergo proper investigation and due process of law. Even though they were high profile criminals, they should be treated fairly and equally just like any other small time criminals.

I think drug abuse is not the worst problem in The Philippines. It is only part of the problem. Poverty and corruption are the worse problems as far as I am concerned. The president should focus more on education, health and on how to make the economy grow. The government should provide more jobs so that the people may provide enough to support for their family’s needs and may live a decent life.


 — Joy Mendoza