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Should Marcos be buried at the Heroes Cemetery?

Marcos is not a hero. He stole many things. He ordered many killings and his henchman killed many people. He had many innocent people imprisoned, snatched, tortured and many women were raped by his soldiers and brutally killed. These are all documented. It is not merely a story made up or a work of the imagination.

 — Jorgie Amado


The former President Marcos deserves to be buried at the Heroes Cemetary (Libingan ng mga Bayani) since he was a former president of the Republic. The Heroes Cemetery is the home of deceased presidents, national artists, scientists and Philippine military. His first term in the office was considered the Golden Era of The Philippines. As a matter of fact, he was even re-elected to the second term.

With all the atrocities committed during the ironically Dark Ages of his time, the country still managed to grow economically.

However, I personally would want him to stay in Batac. Most Filipinos (by tradition) wish to be laid to rest in their hometown.

 — Kimberly Canguilan


Definitely yes, I agree that former President Ferdinand Marcos be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani simply because he became our president, he was a soldier, fought during World War II and he deserves a decent burial. We cannot go outside of the law since the Supreme Court has declared it is legal to bury Marcos in the Heroes Cemetery (The Supreme Court has not made a decision yet [ed]). In my opinion Marcos was a great president. We need to move on and let the past be in the hands of God.

 — Elvira Diaz


Yes, because I believe that he deserves to receive forgiveness and even if I did not experience his term being a president of The Philippines, now I am still experiencing his projects. I thank him because he did futuristic projects that my generation can still use.

I knew and I was informed of what he did since I was a grade school student. I heard that some students were brainwashed. We just learned the Ferdinand Marcos was a dictator, but not the Marcos who put The Philippines on top.

I think it is time to forgive and let the history in the past be past. We shouldn’t just take one side, but we should also consider his great deeds and honour him as one of the great presidents of The Philippines.

I know I am not in the right position to say this because I didn’t experience how martial law was, but I think it was not just the decision of the president. The decision made at that time still went through process in the congress or in the government before the president declared it. We have to move forward and not to blame past wrong doings in the present.


 — Avegail Juana Paduit


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