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We don’t need to be rich before we help

It broke my heart to see the picture and read the story of a seven-year-old little girl who pedaled uphill to help her grandfather sell fruits in Chongqing in South China Morning Post on June 27 this year. It is touching to know about her care for her grandfather at a really young age.

Many people, seeing her picture, which has gone viral over the social media, want to help her. I deeply appreciated the kindness and the generosity of the people who help Yangyang, the little angel. God bless you all so you can help more.

With the help of the Internet, the difficult situations of many people can be made known, so that throughout the world anyone can see and offer a helping hand for those who really need help.

Life is all about helping one another, as it is impossible to live in this world without help from others, no matter who you are.

Some parents tend to hide the suffering of others from their children, which is not good. If we parents let our children see the hardship of other children, they will learn the most profound wisdom at a young age and grow up with a more caring and compassionate heart for others.

They will understand more about life. Most of all, as we help people in need, our children will get a lesson, not through our words, but through our action, which is the best way of teaching, as Jesus Christ did for all of us.

Actually, we do not have to wait until we see this kind of heartbreaking situation before we offer our help. Situations worse than this can be found everywhere in this world.

What we need to do is to go and look for them. By doing so, we can save their lives. If we wait until someone knocks on our door for help, it may be too late.

Some people are reluctant to help for reasons like, “They are not my friends,” “I don’t like them,” “They are bad people”

Some have excuses like, “I am so poor,” “I only have enough for myself and my family,” “I don’t trust the organisation and my donation may not reach the needy.”

If we allow these excuses to stop us acting, we can never help people. To help people, there should not be any excuses, no matter who we are or where we are. We can help anytime we like. There are so many ways to help, as long as we are willing.

Some examples of how we can help are to reduce our bad habits. For instance, if you smoke 10 packs per week, you can reduce it to eight. Or if you gamble every week, you can reduce it to three weeks, four weeks or simply stop.

If you take a cab every day to work, you can take a bus twice a week to save a little money. There are many more ways. Just try to think within yourself. A little money, if put together, can reduce suffering, poverty and save lives. We don’t need to be rich before we help.



 • Lolito Balila  
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