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A million roses for the world

MANILA (SE): Running under the theme of A nation at prayer is a nation at peace, the bishops of The Philippines have launched a prayer crusade called A Million Roses for the World: Filipinos at prayer for the nation, in an attempt to heal what they describe as their wounded nation torn by socio-political issues.

The bishops describe The Philippines as being a land divided by opposing, bickering, quarrelling and even hating factions in introducing their initiative, which will run from September 20 to Christmas Eve this year.

“We cannot remain this way. We must reverse the tide of hate and confusion and fill the air again with words of peace, truth and love. Let us resist the culture of terror and fear with the balm of prayer and mercy,” they said.

“We have forgotten to pray. We have neglected to pray. We have been too busy with ourselves building our towers of Babel. Let us pray for the whole nation. Let us pray as a united nation,” they pleaded.

Launched by the Day of Interreligious Prayer of Peace proclaimed by Pope Francis at Assisi, the bishops are asking Filipinos the world over to pray five mysteries of the rosary daily.

“Every province in The Philippines will be prayed for everyday during the rosary campaign time frame,” they pointed out.

Dates have been assigned for prayer for each province and are to be posted daily on a Facebook page dedicated to the prayer campaign. “We wish every province to experience the joy of being prayed for by the rest of the country,” the president of the bishops’ conference, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, says in a letter on behalf of all the bishops.

“I encourage most specially our children in our Catholic schools to participate in this prayer campaign assisted by their schoolteachers and administrators. The prayers of children are music to God’s ears,” he continues.

Archbishop Villegas concludes, “Let us not allow the darkness to swallow us. Let us pierce the darkness of hate, lies and division with the light of truth and love. God is Truth. God is love. God is peace.”

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