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Chaplaincy holds Prayer Healing Rally

HONG KONG (SE) : The Catholic Hong Kong Chaplaincy for Filipinos organised a Prayer Healing Rally on September 16 at the Sing Yin Secondary School in Clearwater Bay Road, Kowloon.

Sally Galon, from the Loved Flock Community, warmed the gathering up with a few songs to the backing of the praise ministry, a team took to the floor to present the praise songs in a lively dance.

Sister Vicky Ramos gave a brief introduction of the guest speaker, Father Edwin Semblante, from the Parish Assistance and Community Education Ministry.

Father Semblante is the general formation servant of group’s evangelisation, recollection and retreat ministry.

He discussed the nature of God as being love, saying that God created men and women with love, in his own image and likeness, and because God is love, men and women must be full of love.

He reminded the rally that God commanded us to live the great commandment of love and live the life of love, explaining, “A Christian rejecting another Christian is rejecting Christ. It is impossible that when a Christian attacks another Christian, they can live a happy life. God loves men and women and he commanded them to love.”

Father Semblante also spoke about how healing can be blocked. He reminded the rally that people who do not follow God’s commandment will live in darkness.

He also quoted John 6:27 as saying, “Do not work for food that perishes, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.”

He described other factors that may block healing as a lack of right intention in approaching the Lord, a lack of humility, praying for revenge, lack of total surrender, sub-conscious resistance, refusal to forgive, go to the sacrament of reconciliation or avail natural means of healing.

He concluded his talk with a prayer for healing and forgiveness. A Mass concelebrated by Father Jay Flandez followed.

At the beginning of the Mass, the congregation was asked to write their sins on a piece of paper and while the Lord have mercy was being sung, was invited to place their paper in a box.

Father Semblante then gave a blessing to all those present.