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Save lives donate blood

The Philippine Consulate General to Hong Kong organised an annual blood donation drive, Dugong Alay ng Pilipino (Blood offering as a Filipino) with the Hong Kong Red Cross on August 14. I voluntarily went and visited the Causeway Bay Donor Centre of the group.

A number of Filipino organisations and individual donors from various nationalities, such as Indonesians, Chinese and local residents took part in the one-day donation campaign.

Participants were invited to donate blood after an initial screening process at the centre and assistance and refreshments were offered by the consulate.

This kind of donation is quite fulfilling and I was happy to share my blood with people in this city. I have spent most of my life serving people here and they have given me so many good experiences, so why not give something more to this piece of land in return.

I will still continue donating my blood in the future, as sharing blood can save more lives. Maybe it is part of my mission too. I feel encouraged, as the staff there were appreciative of what we had done to them.

I also encourage my fellow migrant workers to donate your blood to save lives. Just think how much blood that Jesus Christ spared for us to save us from original sin and the sins of the world.

Thank you Lord for the service. Please send your Holy Spirit to inspire us to listen to your call to service and for continuing to change the face of the earth.


 Juliet Felipe
Help-Desk volunteer
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Tai Po