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Angel becomes blessed

VATICAN (CWN): A German priest known as the Angel of Dachau was beatified as a martyr in Würzburg, Germany, on September 24.

Father Engelmar Unzeitig (1911 to 1945) was ordained in 1939. Assigned to Austria, he spoke out on behalf of the Jews.

He spent the last four years of his life in the Dachau Concentration Camp where he ministered to typhoid patients.

Pope Francis said of him on September 25, “Killed in hatred of the faith in the extermination camp of Dachau, he opposed hatred with love and answered ferocity with meekness. May his example help us to be witnesses of charity and hope even in the midst of trials.”


Vatican signs anti-corruption treaty

VATICAN (SE): The Vatican City State became a signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, which has been signed by 140 states, on September 19.

In adhering to the treaty, the Holy See “expressed two reservations and three interpretative declarations, which form an integral part of the instrument of accession,” Holy See Press Office reported without elaborating on the nature of its reservations.


Bishop accepts award from dissident group

QUEBEC (SE): Archbishop Paul-André Durocher, from Gatineau in Quebec, has agreed to accept an award from the dissident Catholic group, FutureChurch, LifeSite News reported on September 23.

The Canadian archbishop will be honoured by FutureChurch for the visionary proposal he made at the October 2015 meeting of the Synod of Bishops, calling for discussion on the possibility of female deacons and for an expanded role of women as preachers.

The award will be presented at an event featuring a keynote speech by Father Charles Curran, whose right to teach theology was rescinded by the Vatican in a 1986.


Pope’s cars to be auctioned

VATICAN (SE): The cars used by Pope Francis during his July visit to Poland are being auctioned with the proceeds going to a clinic in Lebanon for Syrian refugees.

The pope used three blue Volkswagen Golfs in Poland. All three are now open for bids. The cars come with certificates indicating when and where they were used by the pope. The licence plates also attest to their lineage: KI Pope, K2 Pope and K3 Pope.

Caritas is conducting the auction, which remains open until October 9. The vehicle generating the initial interest was used at the Black Madonna at Czestochowa.


Saudi Arabia deports Christians for praying

RIYADH (CWN): Saudi Arabia deported 27 Lebanese Maronite Catholics in late September after they were arrested for celebrating the feast of the Assumption in a private home.

Saudi religious police raided the home in Al Khafij, where the celebration was taking place, and charged those involved with un-Islamic prayer. The raid and the deportations appear to violate a Saudi policy, announced in 2006, that Christians be allowed to practice their own faiths in private.


Trump and Clinton at Catholic Charities dinner

NEW YORK (CWN): Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will speak at the annual Al Smith Fundraiser Dinner for Catholic Charities in New York, the archdiocese confirmed on September 27.

The Al Smith dinner is traditionally a light-hearted event in which prominent public figures poke fun at both each other and themselves. It is also traditional to invite both major presidential candidates to speak.

But the appearance of politicians who support abortion has generated protests previously.

Al Smith, a four-time governor of New York, became the first Catholic to run for president in 1928. His anti-prohibition stance attracted good support among the drinking classes!


Trump forms Catholic advisory group

WASHINGTON (CWN): The Donald Trump presidential campaign has announced the formation of a Catholic advisory group, one member of which is Father Frank Pavone, from the Priests for Life, who is known as one of the most prominent pro-life leaders in the world.

Others include a senator, Rick Santorum, and the governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback.


Guide to Church in China

HONG KONG (SE): A new Guide to the Catholic Church in China is now available on-line in both electronic and book forms.

A team was formed early this year to create the paperless guide and it is free to everyone from October 1.

It is an updated version of Guide 2014.


It is available at or contact Patrick Lee at

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