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Vatican peace push to Colombia

BOGOTA (SE): Pope Francis is continuing his push for world peace. Following on from his World Day of Prayer for Peace at Assisi and the appearance of his secretary of state, Pietro Cardinal Parolin, at the United Nations to address 193 representatives of countries on Vatican diplomacy for peace, he dispatched the cardinal to Bogota, Colombia, as a go between in the 52-year-old conflict between the government and the Colombia People’s Army.

Cardinal Parolin welcomed possibilities for peace at a liturgy celebrated in the presence of all members of the two negotiating teams in the church of St. Peter Claver in Cartagena on September 27.

CWN reported that the cardinal said that the Holy See had followed the conflict with deep interest and great attention.

He then referred to the life of St. Peter Claver, saying that he spent his life working for the freedom of slaves, and just as he worked for the freedom of others, we must all work to shed the chains of our own slavery.

“He is anxious to embrace, to heal our wounds, by wiping away our tears, for us to eat and to drink water and the bread of life, by looking at us with love in the depths of the soul,” Cardinal Parolin told the gathering, which included the president, Juan Manuel Santos.

The peace agreement was accepted by both negotiating parties, however, in a referendum it was rejected by the people of Columbia.

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