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From hopeless to hopeful

In life, we all have our plans and desires, not just for ourselves, but for our family as well. In every dream there is hope. God gave us a complete body for us to work for a living, talents for us to share and a healthy mind that can be used for discernment and, above all, for us to glorify him.

In April this year, while working in Russia, I was diagnosed with a solid breast mask and advised to have an immediate operation. I decided to return to The Philippines with nothing, even a penny, because I said “life is more important than money.” All I only had was my prayer and little faith in my pocket.

In May, I landed in Cebu and there I underwent my general check-up and, unluckily, a lot of illnesses have been discovered aside from my solid breast mask. I was told that I had a goiter, heart problem, six incidents of myoma (non-cancerous muscle tumour) and tuberculosis.

That moment, I felt so down I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling so hopeless, I decided not to go through with an operation. “I’ll wait for my time to close my eyes permanently,” I uttered to myself. But while I still prayed, faith was nowhere to be found in me.

I continue serving in the Legion of Mary at St. Joseph parish in Mandaue, Cebu, but my spirit has her own road. I thought I was totally abandoned by God, but I was wrong. God is so good all the time.

He provided me with a lot of people to help me financially and I am so thankful to them (my cousin, my new friends in Russia, my old friends in Annunciation Church Tsuen Wan and a good friend of mine). He provided a lot of friends and family members to cheer me up and love me.

I met an old woman at the church who gave me a liturgical book. “Use this book to talk to God. He'll lift you up,” she advised me. I read Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path” and it became my motto in this trial. Gradually I moved from hopeless to hopeful. I regained my energy and my little faith.

I decided to go for my breast operation and the rest I lifted up to the Lord with the herbal medicine. Thank God, after my operation and thorough study of the lump they got from my breast, it was diagnosed to be benign and the suspicion about tuberculosis was a false alarm.

Now my life is back to normal. I can smile, I can walk with my head high and feel God has not yet done with me.

Many believe that the bible is the best source of spiritual nutrition and, at the very least, its pages are filled with sublime prose, extraordinary poetry and practical wisdom.

As we begin, think about how each part of the scriptures may apply specifically to you and the situations you face. Let them build hope.

The truths of the bible are ageless and offer powerful guidance as we go through our days, weeks and years. They will help us keep our hope alive. Glory to God!



 • Mylene Reyes 
The Philippines