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How do you rate the success of your family dreams?

I rate seven out of 10, because I am still building up my dreams for them. That dream is to send them to school until they finish their studies and make a fruitful life someday. My family is my big dream, because they are my strength, my life, my everything. That’s why I’m here working abroad.

 — Con Barsabal


My family is my priority, especially the education of my younger sister. I can say I have succeed by 80 per cent, because I was able to support her education until she finished a college course and I am also able to support my family financially. My family lives happily and is contented with a simple lifestyle in our province. I know as a migrant worker, I am able to help my family enjoy a non-stressful life. I thank God for being with me and guiding me with my plans for the future.

 — Ailen Satojeto


will rate my family’s dream as 80 per cent achieved. My work has allowed me to send my children to the schools they like. I can build a concrete home for my family. I can buy food so that they don’t starve. So many changes have happened since I became a migrant worker.

I am now able to help my family in terms of financial needs and I can say that my sacrifice is worthy. And I am sure that I can enjoy the harvest of my labour, as the dream of my family is not to attain big success, as we know that is not easy to do. I need to work harder and patiently wait for the time for my dream to come true.


 —Jennifer Delos Santos


My main goal is to save enough money to start my own business. I strive hard towards this goal and knowing that one day I will be able to achieve it.

I would rate the success of my dream as 78 per cent achieved since I became a migrant worker.

 —Maribel Galinato


I  want my dreams of success for my family to be 100 per cent achieved. To succeed, we have to work diligently, we have to learn to make sacrifices and practice endurance in our everyday work. We have to be frugal and prudent in our expenditure. If opportunity allows, we can open a business, even if we start only with a small capital.


 — Del Beren