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Senator prepares for the worst

MANILA (UCAN): “I prepared myself already for the worst. I already said goodbye to my family,” Leila de Lima, the former secretary for justice and currently a member of the senate, said at a ceremony to mark World Day Against the Death Penalty in the bishops’ conference chapel in Intramuros, Manila, on October 10.

De Lima was one of the first to take out an injunction in the senate against the burial of the martial law president, Ferdinand Marcos, in the Heroes Cemetery, prompting a monumental backlash from the president, Rodrigo Duterte, who accused her of being a drug runner and claiming sex tapes supposedly featuring her with her chauffeur.

Several convicted inmates who have testified before an ongoing congressional inquiry linked the senator to the illegal drug trade. De Lima denies the allegations, calling them fabrications designed to discredit her.

The senator has been a vocal critic of Duterte since he launched his so-called all-out war against narcotics. She has accused him of having a hand in the summary executions of drug-related personalities and criminals.

De Lima said she will continue to fight this evil up to her last breath.

“Whenever I pray I ask, Lord, do I deserve all this?” she said.

“For two weeks already I’ve been wearing black, because I’m in mourning. I’m mourning because of what is happening in our country,” she added.

“I’m mourning for the continuous lies and deception,” de Lima added.

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