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2012 Lunar New Year message from the Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders of Hong Kong


Bauhinia blossoms usher in the New Year. The Colloquium of the Leaders of the Six Religions in Hong Kong takes this opportunity to wish prosperity and peace to the country of China, as well as a thriving in business and harmony in society in Hong Kong, together with good health and auspiciousness for the people of Hong Kong.

Currently, a severe financial crisis is plaguing the international community. State leaders of many nations are conferring to resolve the problem with rescue plans. If there is no good solution to the problem, the crisis will impact negatively globally. Although Hong Kong enjoys economic stability, we must not lose sight of any potential threats. We should save for a rainy day and equip ourselves against an onslaught from economic adversities.

Hong Kong is an open and liberal society. Our low taxation policy provides an ideal business environment for everyone. Through hard work, the society managed to amass great wealth. It is inevitable that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened. Everyone fares differently because of their own unique personality, mentality, diligence and opportunities. In recognition of such, hopefully, the local government will note this, through the creation of equal opportunities and the distribution of resources as a means to reduce hatred against the rich by the poor. This is important for the sustainability of social harmony.

Technological innovation is unprecedented, generating immense convenience and comforts in life for the human race. This religious fraternity is concerned that technological advances should be based on a virtuous morality. For instance, calligraphy is a cultural practice that will be ignored if there is too much reliance on technological convenience.

It is believed that the practice of calligraphy would improve mental and intellectual development of young people. The spirit of religion helps to improve wisdom and steadfastness, as well as helping a person to distinguish between good and evil. Technology should be deployed suitably for the benefit of humankind.

Since China restored its sovereignty over Hong Kong, local residents have enjoyed freedom of speech and the expression of opinion, as well as policies which move in the direction of democracy. Still, it is difficult for the policies to achieve perfection. Where there are inadequacies, communal efforts in the interests of Hong Kong as a whole, and a spirit of selfless contribution to society are necessary for harmony. This is what this religious fraternity hopes for in the Year of the Dragon.

We wish the people of Hong Kong health, happiness and successful achievements in the New Year.

Tong Wai Ki(Chairperson / The Hong Kong Taoist Association)

Venerable Kwok Kwong (President / The Hong Kong Buddhist Association)

His Eminence John Cardinal Tong Hon (Bishop / The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong)

Tong Yun Kai (President / The Confucian Academy)

Ayub Tuet Che Yin ( Chairperson / The Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association)

Revered Yuen Tin Yau (Chairperson / The Hong Kong Christian Council)

18 january 2012


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