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Thoughts on our mission after a pilgrimage

Experience is the best teacher,” a maxim proven true in a testimony commonly shared by first time visitors on a pilgrimage to the Door of Mercy at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Mid-levels, on September 16.

The visit to the cathedral, dubbed, A pilgrimage to remember, was organised by the Divine Mercy Prayer Group from St. Jude’s parish in North Point with the purpose of sharing spiritual experiences.

Some 38 participants spent their valuable time in prayer, singing hymns and learning lessons of faith, martyrdom, mission and Christian virtues from the lives of the saints. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was recited during at holy hour of mercy at 3.00pm. 

The visit was successful as participants had a spiritual, personal encounter with Christ.

While being invited to reflect on their mission as a Catholic, they also were reminded of their call to serve the community and lead other people to God.

In a period allotted for appreciating the beauty and elegance of the cathedral, participants were prompted to express their different thoughts from the experience.

Mely Galdones, the conductor of the Mary Queen of Peace Choir, said she and her group are grateful for this new experience of prayer. She is encouraged to start a devotional prayer to the Divine Mercy before weekly choir practice for the English Mass at the Catholic Centre.

Josefina Salvador said she will remember important lessons from this first kind of pilgrimage, as they shared a common experience of being refreshed, enlightened and renewed in their Catholic faith and devotion.

One participant said she was strengthened and encouraged to serve as a missionary in her own simple ways, while another said she was called to be more charitable, as inspired by the life of St. Vincent de Paul.

In a similar inter-community event, some 32 members and friends of the Divine Mercy Prayer Group and the Mary Queen of Peace Choir made another pilgrimage to St.
Peter’s parish in Aberdeen on
October 1.

It was a two-in-one celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Mary Queen of Peace Choir and the third anniversary of the Divine Mercy Prayer Group.

The celebration started with the recitation of the glorious mysteries of the rosary, which was followed by a programme of prayer and messages.

People also enjoyed the sharing of healthy food during lunch, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving, memory exercises in bible quizzes, games and the awarding of prizes and certificates.

The celebration rounded the day off with the prayer of Divine Mercy chaplet at 3.00pm.

The groups plan to do more mission outreaches in the future to strengthen Christian brotherhood, broaden knowledge of Catholic doctrine and increase their faith while bringing others closer to God.


               • Joy Rufino  
St. Jude’s, North Point