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The parable at work

Last September 25, after attending my Sunday Mass at St. Joseph’s, I decided to go home earlier than usual as I was not feeling well. 

On my way, I saw a woman in her 20s carrying two bags and it seemed that she was having a hard time carrying them.

As she stopped for a while, I reached out to her and helped her carry her bags. She was holding the right handle and I held the other side. It was really heavy.

I learned that she was going to Royal Court. While accompanying her we were able to chat. I learned that she is an Indonesian and she told me that on her day off she works for her employer's mother without pay. I told her it is illegal and besides she is entitled to be paid.

She asked me if I usually returned home around that time on my off days. I said no and told her that I went home earlier because I was sick. She was thankful to me and I saw she was teary eyed.

I felt how she feels. I told her that maybe God has a purpose why I went home early, which I do not do normally and perhaps she was the reason. She was happy when I brought her to her destination right to the door step of the elevator.

In the homily during the Mass I attended earlier, Father Midas Tambot talked about the parable of Lazarus. Father Tambot said the meaning of the name Lazarus is God’s help.

He added that the opposite of love is not hate, it is “I don’t care.” We can show our love by caring for each other.

I felt so happy and blessed when I reached home. Helping others with a grateful and contrite heart is what our God wants us to do. I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father that he showed to me and used me as his instrument in fulfilling the meaning of the parable I heard at the Mass.



Thelma Lalangan
Loved Flock Hong Kong
Chapter Sunday Group