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What is gained from caring for the aged and children?

Taking care of elderly people enhances my knowledge and it is good training for me, as I will soon be taking care of my own parents when they are in their golden age.

I also love to take care of children, but it has negative impact on my side as a mother. It only reminds me of my own children, whom I am unable to take care of, and instead I have to take care of those that are not my own. This is an emotional burden for me.

 Marecris Aguiflor

I like to take care of children because in them we can do what is good for them. I can teach them the right thing and manners, treat them the way I take care of my own child. I can also learn how to play with them, which is also a way to relax after work.

I do not have any experience in taking care of elderly people, but I know we have to remember what they want us to do in order to please them.   

 Rowena Calagos

Taking care of children helps to lighten my homesickness for my own children. Being a mother, it is difficult for me to work abroad far away from my children. But because of my wards, my tiredness disappears, especially when they give me a kiss or show fondness. I have taken care of them since they were babies and I’m enjoying taking care of them now. I like to play with them. I love my two wards like my own children.

  Analyn Dajac


child’s smile symbolises new hope and it takes away all my worries as a foreign domestic worker. Just watching them play, laugh, cry and even messing things up at home makes me feel that life is full of adventure. Besides, children give us reasons to dream big and pursue goals for their future.                                                                                                                      

 Delma Mico