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Jordan sinking under its refugee burden

AMMAN (SE): Jordan is currently hosting over two million refugees, putting the Hashemite Kingdom in first place among hosts of refugees and displaced persons.

Fides reported on October 5 that it is followed by Turkey (2.5 million), Pakistan (1.6 million) and Lebanon (1.5 million).

Amnesty International says that half of the entire global mass of refugees worldwide is hosted by only 10 of the 193 countries that make up the entire list of nations.

However, Caritas Jordan is warning that the country is struggling to cope with this load. Its economy is being decimated and the warning is out that the day may come when it is unable to carry the burden any longer.

Wael Suleiman, general director of Caritas Jordan, said, “The data are an underestimate compared with the reality and are shocking, because they also document that the richest and most advanced countries are home to only a small number of refugees, despite the fact that in those countries many governments are led or affected by forces that earn power just by exploiting and fomenting fear and rejection of immigrants.”

Suleiman said that Jordan is open to all and he is aware that Caritas is carrying out an important humanitarian mission, which it wants to continue.

“In recent times 200,000 Syrian refugees have been regularised as legal workers. But now refugees and immigrants represent 40 per cent of the population. The national debt has grown exponentially in recent years,” he explained.

“Many Jordanians are now poorer than many immigrants. If the international community does not take note of the explosive situation and does not intervene to support this effort carried out by the entire country, there will come a time when even here all doors to enter the country will be closed and those who had fled from hunger and war will have to be repatriated,” he warned.

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