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Venezuela wants Vatican peace broker back

CARACAS (SE): Following the disappointment of seeing a peace process hammered out between the government of Venezuela and the rebel forces brokered by the Vatican overturned in a national referendum, both the government and the opposition has agreed to have another try at peace.

Both parties have agreed to engage in talks aimed at resolving the country’s political crisis, with a Vatican representative acting as mediator.

Archbishop Emil Paul Tscherrig, the apostolic nuncio to Venezuela, announced on October 25 that the talks would begin on October 30 on Margarita Island, off the Venezuelan coast.

The Vatican diplomat said that the talks would be designed “to create an atmosphere of trust, overcome disagreement and promote a mechanism that guarantees peaceful coexistence.”

The talks were announced on the same day that the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, held a surprise meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

A statement released by the Vatican said that Pope Francis encouraged Maduro to “take up the path of constructive and honest dialogue to ease the suffering of the people, especially the poor.”

The political crisis in the country, which is boiling as a result of a breakdown in its economy, overflowed on October 23 when the National Assembly, which is controlled by the opposition, passed a resolution saying that the Maduro government decision to postpone a recall referendum was a breakdown in the constitutional order.

Supporters of the president returned the compliment by overwhelming security guards, bursting into the assembly and roughing people up.

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