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Truth long dead media victim

HONG KONG (SE): “I think that those who control the information in the west have a political agenda,” Bishop Antoine Audo SJ, the director of Caritas Syria, said in an interview with Vatican Radio.

In saying that truth is the long dead media victim of the war in Syria, the Chaldean bishop of Aleppo continued, “We must, as Christians, as honest people, ask who is behind this manipulation, this exploitation of the media. And I think that if the war goes on like this there will soon be no one left in Aleppo.”

Bishop Audo stressed, “Whoever can, leaves. Only those who can’t leave are staying on, which means the poor and the elderly (people). Little by little it will be the end of this wonderful Christian community of Aleppo. This is our drama and our pain.”

He lamented, “We try to do everything we can. We say, ‘Peace! Peace! Peace!’ but on the side of the rebels there is no peace, but ‘War! War! War!’ which they will continue all the way to destruction.”

Father Mtanios Haddad, the Melkite patriarchal representative to the Holy See, had an equally as stinging message for the west, saying, “If you really want to help the Syrian Christians, help us to live in peace in our homes. We do not want to live as moochers off your economy, off your taxes. Just stop selling arms to the terrorists.”

He insisted that three things are necessary to achieve any type of peace in Syria; stopping the trade in arms with the United States of America, which are destined for terrorists, closing Saudi Arabia’s wallet, which funds the terrorists, and closing the border with Turkey, which is their door into Syria.

He also had strong words over western sanctions, telling La Bussola Quotidiana that it is all very well for people to cry over the lack of milk for children, food shortages and medicine, when the root cause of it is what he called a useless embargo.

The Greek Melkite bishop of Aleppo, Archbishop Jean Clément Jeanbart, says that by far the most frightening thing that people are facing is the thought that the day may come when a fundamentalist state may be imposed on their children.

Archbishop Jeanbart says this is why the suffering people of Syria look to the west and pray that they may receive help.

“We are not asking you to wage war for us, but just put an end to the unfair demands of your allies who want to impose on us antiquated laws that are unbearable to the people of the 21st century, who want to be free to choose their own culture, their own way of life and their own faith,” he said.

On October 4, Bishop Joseph Tobji, Maronite Aleppo, told a Foreign Affairs Commission of the Italian senate, “In Syria there is neither revolution, nor a civil war, but a third world war by proxy. And the international media continue to be biased and trample on truth.”

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