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The Day of Grace and Mercy

The Apostleship of Prayer English-speaking Community Hong Kong held a pilgrimage on October 1 to the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Tai Po.

It was indeed a great day of celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy and entering the Holy Door of Mercy. It was a good opportunity for us to gather together and ask for forgiveness and pray for our sins to be forgiven.

Father Luigi Bonalumi and Margaret Madar welcomed us upon our arrival. Madar gave us a brief history of the church and how it has become so populous now.

The church was established in the 1980s. It was a small chapel in a village of 18,000 people at the time. But time quickly passed and many people, local parishioners and missionaries go there to preach about our faith.

At present, the population has increased to 150,000 living in this village. The mixed Chinese and English-speaking community in a small chapel has now turned into a much larger one by through its faith.

After praying the rosary and before we entered the Door of Mercy, I spotted the bell of peace on the altar. It is a reminder of our faith and the need to really pray for world peace and the peace of the Catholic Church, as well as for all the souls in purgatory.

The altar design, which has the two fish and five loaves, is so simple, but memorable for us. It reminded us of how Jesus Christ fed the 5,000 people by praying to multiply the food they needed for all people. 

This was a great day for us and our pilgrimage marked us with great joy because we now face a new beginning of life by cleansing our sins through entering the Door of Mercy.

We are all blessed and witnessed the grace of God and his forgiveness. Action and prayer are the most important things to remember in our daily services and we can live in the Lord’s grace if we trust in God.


                                • Helen Pablo
Apostleship of Prayer Centre IV