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About pain and disease

I always ask God the question, “Why do we have to suffer from pain and disease?”

One day, I went to Church and met my friend, Mary, who was over 70. She was a graceful old lady who was suffering from brain degeneration.

She told me that she often lost her way home, which was why she needed to carry a big card on her neck.

I worried about her and asked, “Are you scared?”

She answered confidently, “Certainly not!”

I wondered and ask, “Why not?”

She smiled and said, “Even though I may forget God, I know that God will never forget me!”

What great faith.

God is with us when we are suffering from pain and disease. So there is no need to worry or be afraid.

Just carry our cross and follow Jesus’ path. 



 • Gertrude Poon Wai-wah
Chai Wan