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Can anger help you to survive?

For me yes! Anger can help to survive any emotional illness. Anger must be expressed to prevent a heart attack, must be released to let the person know that you are upset to avoid long term misunderstandings. Anger can help you survive depression and become a stronger person.

However, it is not necessary for a person to express anger publicly, because it can cause trauma not only to the person who is being shouted at, but also the person in a rage. It can also cause trauma to the people around, especially children. Sometimes we must learn to control ourselves, even if we are angry. Because if we are calm we can solve the problem by a simple talk or conversation with a soft voice and gentle touch.

 — Anne Maureen Amihan


I believe that anger can help survival. Anger is an emotion and when you feel it, it means there is an irritant or a triggering factor for such an emotion to arise. It is an indication that something is not right.

Emotions are meant to be expressed. Otherwise, they will be detrimental to your health. To express anger indicates the need for change or adjustment. Even the bible acknowledges anger as a normal emotion, though it cautions against committing sin when angry.

 — Joyce Bungay


We need to balance our anger, not too much of it, because it can lead to health problems, emotionally and physically if we stress too much. However we need to be firm with those who are stubborn and will not listen to us.

There are times we need to raise our voices, but we have to control the words we say. An important way to fight negative emotions is to put Jesus in our heart and mind.

Lastly, do not keep anger in your heart, because if the anger explodes you may cause physical harm to others or even kill a person. That is why as much as possible do not plant anger in your heart.

 — Rhoda Caasi


For me, addressing my anger just means voicing out what I feel, not keeping the hatred or anger within me. It is not good to keep anger inside us or just remain quiet. It is best when we talk to the person involved in a nice way that can help settle the situation and learn something from our mistakes.

However, expressing an extreme anger actually is not good for people with heart problems, as it can also cause high blood pressure. On the other hand, if we just keep a silent anger inside us it can cause more trouble, because it deals with our emotions and affects our day, our work and treatment to other people. 

If it is really hard to settle that day, we can wait for another day that both parties calm down and ask God’s guidance and presence to give us knowledge and peace. We know that prayer can be a silent solution in all cases.

 — Cristhina Ramirez


No, anger is not a solution and is of no help to us or the person who offends us. If I am angry with a person, I will tell him straight away and explain honestly the cause of the anger and make that person realise his or her mistake done to me. But I sometimes need to wait for the chance when both of us calm down first.

It is heavy to carry anger, so I have to release it. I will also examine myself and find the reason for my anger or maybe what I did that caused the other party to be angry with me. If I am at fault, I will approach that person I have offended and apologise.


 — Tita Taggueg