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Looking back with a grateful heart

Greetings of peace! First of all I would like to thank the Sunday Examiner for being a partner in the spiritual walk in my journey of faith as I worked here in Hong Kong.

Since the Notre Dame parish, Ma Tau Wei, started receiving copies of the Sunday Examiner, I had been its avid reader. From cover to cover, I would read it through the whole week cutting out some articles that I may find interesting and helpful with my spiritual growth and compile them into scrapbooks.

Moreover as I read it, I learned the plight of various people and their needs especially for justice. This inspired me to write prayers for them which were read during our Divine Mercy devotion at 3.00pm in the chapel every Sunday, except the third Sunday, through the Children of Mary Immaculate Prayer Group since 1992.

It strengthened me in all the hardships I encounter in my struggles to become a better Catholic.

I did my best to serve, but I know it was not good enough. There were many times I wanted to back out and leave the parish when I felt the pain caused by conflicts with others were unbearable.

But whenever I tried to, I felt there was a force that kept pulling me back. I know it was the grace of God. I stayed and learned a lot. After 24 years of serving the parish and 27 years of working in Hong Kong, I now bid goodbye and will go home for good.

I want to thank all our priests, especially our parish priest, Father Ronnie Gicalao and his assistant, Father William Meng, as well as the prayer groups—The Lord’s Flock, Legion of Mary, Catholic Migrants Community, Christ King of the Ages, Triumph of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Roses of Mary, Sunday School, The Shepherd’s Fold and my beloved group, Children of Mary Immaculate. They are precious gift of persons to me.

Looking back to the length of years I stayed in Hong Kong, I feel fulfilled and have no regrets. I received many blessings both spiritual and temporal as I serve the Church.

God gave me a good employer for 24 years and even a better employer from 2013 up to the present. He enabled me, as a single mother, to raise and support three children who now have their own families. He never abandoned me in times of need in the past and in the present. I can fully trust my future in him. 

I hope I can send more articles when I am in The Philippines if God wills it. God bless us all.         


                        • Carmelita Velasco