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Filipino resilience

The resilient Filipino spirit was once again put to test when Super Typhoon Lawin hit The Philippines in October. People were alarmed and terrified as the worse of it hit the provinces. Four- to five-metre high storm surges, fierce skies, heavy rain and strong winds were threatening as forecasted.

Despite the massive losses, Lawin was not as severe as Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, because early preparation and the evacuation of the people helped and saved more lives.

Filipinos somehow are more prepared to face a weather monster. The typhoon was 800 kilometres in diameter and moved at 225 kilometres per hour. So we could just imagine how huge and massive it would be after it landed. Almost like Typhoon Yolanda in intensity.

Lawin is one of the devastating typhoons to happen this year. It caused massive loses in agriculture, infrastructure and took lives too. Typhoon victims had to go through another difficult situation as their homes and livelihoods were left shattered in pieces.

Many people were displaced and in desperate need of food, medicine and shelter. Some families were still trying to cope with their loss and still picking and rebuilding their shattered homes and dreams after Typhoon Karen that had swept away everything they had recently.

With tears in their eyes, they remained strong and steadfast in faith.

Victims relied on relief goods from government, non-government and private organisations, even from generous individuals, but it was hard for the rescue teams to reach many more isolated places and had to air lift relief goods and humanitarian aid, because of the hampering road and weather conditions, floods and landslides.

May they stay strong to face the many storms that may come to test the resilient Filipino spirit and may their hope be always anchored in God’s unwavering love. 


 • Lynn Salinas

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