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Is keeping a promise important for you?

I  promised myself that I will not do unnecessary things, say bad words, always respect and understand the decisions of others. 

Promises are important, because they give people hope in something that for sure will happen at the right time. It is important to keep your promises, because once you have delivered the words, they can never be revoked; words that already linger in people’s mind and keeps them hoping until you fulfill your promise.

It hurts when a person breaks a promise, especially if they are close to you. You may feel disappointed. You will not expect a promise from them again.

— Nelly Bagiw


There are lot of promises that I have kept. One of these is my promise to my children that I will do anything and everything to support them and show my love for them. That I will always be at their side no matter what. That is why I am enduring all the pain here abroad, just to keep my promise to them.

Keeping a promise is important for me. I cannot deny that there are actually promises that are hard to keep, especially if there is a need to break that promise for some important reason.

If my family or friends fail to keep their promises, I feel bad or hurt initially, but maybe I can hear their reason. Maybe they do not want to cause harm to me or to anyone else.

However, if government leaders break their promises, of course I get disappointed.

 — Maridol Tabamo


Government or politics, I don’t really expect they will fulfill them 100 per cent. That is politics anyway. Nowadays people have a hard time keeping a simple promise.

But between myself and my husband we try to remind each other of our promises, no matter what. We are a family anyway. But I will never tolerate cheating, because it is breaking a promise as well.

Keeping promises is important for me. It shows the integrity of a person. I try to keep my promises. Before making a promise, I always see if I am capable of achieving or keeping it. I don’t give my word unless I can be sure of it. If someone can’t keep their promise, I try to know the reason, especially if it involves my family and friends.

 — Carmel Dolendo


Even simple promises are important, especially those that involve my attention, those that involve my time and effort. With those who do not know how to keep a promise, I easily get annoyed and disappointed. When it happens, I am discouraged from trusting and believing the promises from the person who has broken one without any valid reason.

 — Rhea Ann Mariel Seguerra


It is a big deal for me to keep promises, because when you make a promise you let that one person or a group of people expect you to keep it. Breaking that promise means you don’t think before you speak.

Promises also reflect our personality. A person who cannot keep a promise isn’t trustworthy enough. You can’t count on that person, because they cannot even stand on their words.

Currently, I am promising my husband that I’ll eat healthy food and stay fit, because I have lost control of my diet, so I’m really trying hard to keep up with my words.

If ever I fail to do so or break this promise, there will be doubts when I make another promise next time. Trust is earned. You cannot even buy that. It is how important keeping a promise is.

President Rodrigo Duterte promised that in six months he would abolish drugs and drug lords in the country. But after implementing the campaign against drugs in previous months, he asked during his interview with the press for another six months to fix everything.

As a normal citizen I can do nothing about it, except by being a critic and just supporting the president. However every time I hear his speeches I already doubt his words. Promises should never be said if it means breaking it. 


 — Pedmy Grace Naldo