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Lenten Campaign distributed

HONG KONG (SE): The Lenten Campaign for 2016 raised a grand total of $7.07 million, the chairperson of the Lenten Collection and Allocation Committee, Bernard Chan, reported at the closing of the campaign in mid-November.

Running under the theme, To be merciful as our Heavenly Father, Chan pointed out that the financial result from the 2016 campaign represents a 1.6 per cent increase over the previous year.

In attributing the increase to a recovery in the local economy, he expressed his gratitude to all donors and volunteers who put effort and sacrifice into reaching out to those in need through their positive response.

Of the total donations received, parishes accounted for $3.17 million (45 per cent), schools $3.44 million (48 per cent), Catholic institutions $246,150 (3.47 per cent) and individuals $210,335 (2.97 per cent).

Money has been allocated to various causes, with $644,480 going to 17 parishes for charitable outreach and $84,100 to 35 Catholic secondary schools for service projects, $800,000 for overseas and local emergency relief as a sign of universal solidarity, as well as $6,259,420 to seven welfare agencies—$5,957,420 to Caritas Hong Kong; $7,500 to the Faith and Light Community Hong Kong for service to people with mental health difficulties, $26,000 to St. Camillus Benevolent Association for service to the physically afflicted and people of advanced age; and $55,000 to Volunteers of Suffering for service of the disadvantaged.

In addition, $170,000 was allocated to the Diocesan Reception Group, which subsidises the living and travelling expenses of religious from poor mainland dioceses to undertake short- term pastoral and liturgy programmes in Hong Kong.

A further $8,500 goes to the Catholic Secondary Schools North-East New Territories Deanery Council to subsidise services to people of advanced age and $35,000 to St. Peter’s Revival Association for rehabilitation and employment programmes for people who have been discharged from prison.

Chan explained that the purpose of the grant to secondary schools is to support students in organising community service projects to promote and deepen their understanding of Lent through involving themselves in charitable outreaches.

Full details of the collection and allocations can be found on the Lenten website:

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