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Inspirational chill out by the lake

Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians16:14) was the theme of the 10th annual parish picnic of the St. Jude’s English-speaking Community as everyone spent a day chilling out with fun and friendship at Inspiration Lake, Lantau, on October 10.

About 200 community members, friends and guests gathered at the park joined the opening prayer led by Father Vincent Corbelli, the assistant parish priest and spiritual adviser to the community. He welcomed everyone and reminded them to enjoy themselves, have fun and be safe in playing the games.

The English Choir and the Tagalog Choir started the day with a few warm up numbers of community singing and dancing. The emcees, Mildred Conise and Bing Fajardo, took turns in calling participants to prepare for the games.

The most attention-grabbing part was listening to the procedure of how each game has to be played. The fun of playing games depends much on how well the participants play their parts.

After the first four sets of games, an intermission number by the Dance Class was joined by other interested individuals from the audience. As more people were encouraged to swing and shake, the ground looked like a field full of strutting colourful birds.

The celebration continued with the second half of the eight games. An interesting game of balloon relay contained lessons in responsibility, courage and perseverance. With five balloons inserted on the right and left sides, in between legs and in between head and shoulders, participants need to walk fast to a post then back to the point of origin and pass the balloons to the next player in line.

Still on the exercise of listening and following instructions, “Face Drawing” was a funny way of learning how to listen. Blind-folded players were told to draw a face basing on the instruction of her two guides, one at her right and the other at her left.

They were finally surprised to see a funny face with irregular sizes of eyes, nose on top of misplaced mouth and disconnected ears.

Other games required physical movement that strengthen the muscles and ligaments. In a review or fill in the blank method, games were played to exercise the mind and refresh the knowledge of participants and the audience.

The lunch break was another highlight which revealed the common trait of Filipino hospitality. Different food or dishes were brought out and shared, so everyone was full and satisfied.

In his closing message, Father Corbelli led a prayer of thanks for God’s blessing of good weather and a wonderful place for relaxation. He acknowledged the six coordinating teams of this year’s parish picnic, which include the Ministry of Holy Communion, Mission Team, Dance Class, English Choir, Information Desk and the 12 Noon Money Collectors for a job well done.


Joy Rufino
St. Jude’s, North Point