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Let’s make time for the Lord

The Jubilee Year of Mercy was meaningful for me and I was especially touched during a pilgrimage to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. For me, pilgrimage is a sacrifice—it is a sacrifice to make time for the Lord in order to learn more about the sacred text, ethics and holy places, to deepen our faith.

I love this sacred and solemn event very much. Full of consolation, I could really feel and experience the presence of the Lord guiding us through the celebrations, particularly through prayer and adoration, most especially during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

At the cathedral after passing the Holy Door of Mercy, every station for me was truly interesting and inspiring. What touched me most was the sixth station and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Altar in which Jesus revealed his sacred heart to St. Margaret Mary.

I was deeply moved by the last part of Jesus’ statement about his love for people and their ingratitude and indifference. I realised that the Lord has been so good to me, but in return I was only making him my second priority.

When I came to know the Lord in the blessed sacrament, I learned that nowhere on earth am I more welcome than in the presence of Jesus in the blessed sacrament. Despite my unworthiness, his love for me is still the same.

Jesus is full of love, full of consolation. I encourage everyone not to hesitate to go and visit him as often as we can. Day and night, Christ our good shepherd, remains with us in this sacrament to continue the saving mysteries of our redemption.

The blessed sacrament is Jesus, who calls every one of us to come to him with his gentle and humble of heart.

 • Imelda Li
Immaculate Heart of Mary