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A 50-year IMPACT

MANILA (SE): What is being touted as the oldest Catholic magazine in Asia is celebrating its golden anniversary in Manila.

“Through thick and thin, IMPACT Magazine has been zealous in pursuing the development of perspectives on social issues not only within the confines of the Catholic Church, but also in other Asian religions,” Monsignor Pedro Quitorio, the magazine’s current editor-in chief, wrote in a special anniversary issue.

Dedicated to English Mill Hill Father Cornelius Breed, the founding and long-standing editor of 38 years from 1965 to 2004, IMPACT’s golden anniversary issue continues to pursue the vision of presenting pressing socio-political, moral and religious issues in Asia, from poverty, land security, health and population to labour and war, CBCP News says.

Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, described IMPACT as a testament to the Church’s belief that the physical, economic and socio-political cannot be divorced from the moral and the spiritual.

In a foreword to a compilation of editorials written by Father Breed, the archbishop notes, “To read these editorials as mere essays dealing with agriculture, development, population and human rights is to miss their essential meaning.

“For these editorials have a unifying framework—(they express) the conviction that the spiritual flows over the material, so that the material and the earthly take on a spiritual and heavenly content.”

The inspiration for the magazine grew out of a priests’ meeting in Hong Kong. The first issue came out in the following year.

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