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Japanese and Korean bishops concerned over missile system

SEOUL (UCAN): At the annual meeting held in Incheon, South Korea, the bishops of Japan and Korea expressed concern that a decision by Seoul to deploy a United States of America (US) anti-ballistic missile system and the political swing to the right in the Land of the Rising Sun presents a real threat to peace in northeast Asia.

At their meeting which ran from November 15 to 17, bishops from the two countries discussed war, peace and the media, pledging to raise awareness among their people and to educate them on the social teaching of the Church.

Over 30 bishops from the two countries were present for the 22nd Korean-Japanese Bishops Exchange Meeting.

Speaking to the theme, Threatening world peace: focusing on the war industry and media, 19 Korean bishops and 13 Japanese decided to work together to alert the Catholic people to the dangers of Japan’s new nationalism and other threats to peace in the region.

The deployment of the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence missile system of the US) in the southeast of South Korea was discussed at length, because it is escalating tensions with North Korea and China.

The bishops also listened to lectures from media professionals on how the media and the war industry dovetail. Afterwards, they divided into four groups to discuss a concrete response to the issue.

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