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Parish living rosary

We had our Living Rosary in the parish car park of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Tai Po, at 5.00pm on October 31. It was joined by the Chinese- and English-speaking communities, as well as members of ministries and parishioners. We are glad that the parish has this event to celebrate our devotion.

The Living Rosary was participated in by 61 people and three altar servers, who carried the cross and candle. The rest joined the choir and prayers from their place.

Praying the rosary helps us to pray to Jesus through Mary and in every ministry we experience the life of Jesus and Mary.

It is a powerful weapon that we have against evil and temptation. We can pray even when we are in different places, like the market, bus or train.

We are happy to experience the Living Rosary. Between mysteries we sing songs of thanks with the help of the choir leading the songs. We thank Father Luigi Bonalumi and Father Paulo Ceruti for their presence, as well as the altar servers for the cross, candles and flowers.

After praying, we walked from the car park back to the parish grotto while singing and offering flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It was a great day for all who joined. Hoping to see you all again next year.


• Rodelia Pedro
Tai Po