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Journeying in life

Reaching my 39th birthday on October 15 was such a great blessing from above. People say that life begins at 40, therefore my life is yet to begin. 

It is quite alarming to think about an approaching of a birthday, not because of the number, but the thought that another chapter of life is being opened and the dare of an unknown tomorrow has to be faced.

As I grow older, my experience of life has made me a braver person. My 39th year of existence was full of dramas. A story of life which indeed is worth learning lifetime lessons from was coupled with a growing in love and faith.

The best way for me to describe life is not the way it treats me, but the way I live it out with meaning and purpose.

Life is a mystery with lots of surprises. Many times we are amused by the countless blessings we do not expect, but at the same time we are also terrified by the many trials and problems we least expect to happen and do not want.

Life has its own flaws and imperfections, and we are challenged to dance the rhythm of its music. More often than not life is painstaking, but at the end of the day it is worth the pain and sacrifice. 

I may not have succeeded in some aspects, but I can say that I am blessed with what I have accomplished in life. Real joy and happiness come doing small things with a big heart, as earthy happiness will fade, but genuine joy spark forever.

My journey is not yet over, I know there are still problems along the way that may shake me and I know that I still have a mission to be accomplished, but what matters is that I am journeying with an unshakable God.


                                                      Lynn Salinas