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An unwanted vice

MANILA (SE): The president of The Philippines has kicked his vice president, Leni Robredo, out of the cabinet over her opposition to his signature policy of murdering the poor and pet passion of currying favour with the Marcos family.

Robredo staved off Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to be elected vice president, but it is becoming more obvious that Duterte wants to be rid of her and cozy up to the son of the late dictator, whom he has already introduced to China as his vice.

Robredo’s dismissal increases speculation about young Marcos, who has challenged the outcome of the election for the vice presidency. The Marcos family is cheek-by-jowl with Duterte.

“Since the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Marcos’ burial in the Heroes Cemetery, many people think that judges are well disposed to changing the outcome of the elections,” AsiaNews was told.

However, the Marcos family does not really want a vice president, but a president.

Should the young Marcos become the vice president, the premature death of Duterte would see this dream fulfilled.

With the Marcos money, influence and no holds barred determination, many accidents are possible in The Philippines!

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