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Every migrant’s wish at Christmas

To be home during the Christmas season is the wish of every migrant worker. I say so because this was once my dilemma while I was working as domestic worker in a foreign land for many years. The longer I worked there, the more years I did not spend Christmas at home.

We Filipinos believe that Christmas is the best and perfect time for family bonding. That is why Christmas in The Philippines is different from other cultures, because here, even as early as October, we can feel the Christmas spirit around.

People are busy preparing their Christmas decorations. That only reflects that Filipinos have a happy and cheerful spirit.

The love of family always shines out no matter how tough life is sometimes. Despite the many trials a Filipino family is going through, it still values the spirit of togetherness and the celebration of Christmas. 

I do really believe that education begins first at home. Love, respect and sharing is taught at home. A family with such qualities will always have joy, peace and harmony inside the house.

Sadly, nowadays we seldom see a family that prays and eats together. It seems every family member has their own world inside the house, playing with their own smartphones and many other gadgets.

This world becomes selfish and inconsiderate. Modern technology perhaps destroys and separates rather than binding and building up. 

May people, instead of focussing and being concerned about material things, celebrate the true spirit of togetherness, love, sharing, forgiveness and hope. May individuals and families reach out to others who are less fortunate. Have a happy and blessed Christmas to all!  


                                  • Lynn Salinas