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Jesus is source of hope for world

VATICAN (SE): “The birth of Christ is a reminder for Christians to take a moment and reflect on the hope of salvation given by God to the world,” Pope Francis said in the run up to Christmas at his weekly general audience on December 21.

He said that those who are humble and poor, like the shepherds who were the first to visit the baby Jesus, come to realise that the promise of hope is fulfilled by trusting in God and not from personal securities or especially material goods.

“Remember this: Our own securities will not save us. The only security that saves us is the hope in God which saves us, which is strong. It makes us walk through life with joy, with a desire to do good and with a desire to become happy for all eternity,” Pope Francis said.

The pope reflected on the birth of Jesus as the source of hope for the world in what has been a series of talks on Christian hope.

“God,” he said, “does not abandon his people, he is near to them to the point of stripping himself of his divinity.”

“God entered into the world and gives us the strength to walk with him. God walks with us through Jesus and walking with him toward the fullness of life gives us the strength to be in the present in a new way,” the pope continued.

“Hope,” the pope continued, “is never stagnant and the simplicity of the Nativity crèche found in Christian households transmits hope. Each character is immersed in this atmosphere of hope.”

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