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The art of friendship

Friendship is an art of sharing

it begins with a good and sweet smile

remembering each other's names for a while

making each other feel free and at ease

A spirit of new friendship is soon released


Friendship is an art of caring

Caring for one another as a sign of love

A special grace from the heaven above

To put oneself into the place of another

Sacrificial love is the message of a brother

To be cared and to care is a just duty

Only true friends know this interior beauty


Friendship is an art of loving

To love and be loved is everybody’s joy

Daily our friendship is growing which we enjoy

Exchanging love and peace we need sometimes

Steadfast love means to be present all times.


Friendship is an art of praying with one another

As prayer is the best foundation and really essential

Blessed are we with this gift so celestial 

To survive from a strong storm as the best players

We need real friendship with more prayers.


 •  Sister Mary Cordero           
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows