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What are your one-liners?

Everyone of us has “one-liners” or commonly called motto in life. My favourite one-liners are,  “This, too, will pass” “ God will provide” “In the end, it will all be okay.” 

My life cycle is so perfect, that what I experienced may be not all but a lot to tell. I can say “oh so colourful!” 

Honestly speaking I felt a lot of anger, bitterness, guilt and resentment towards God. Yes, it is true, but in spite of it, the best thing that happened after all those, I realised, was God and my relationship with him. While I suffered all those pains, the loving presence of God can be my stronghold in the ups and downs of life. Our image of God and our relationship with him is so vital when we come to terms with sufferings. 

God, who is always demanding hard things for us, wants us to be purified. God, who often send us sorrows, is in order to test us or challenge us to understand his divine will. 

If we draw this image of our God, then we will draw comfort and consolation from our relationship with him during our darkest moments. 

Our awareness of the loving presence of God does not mean that we will never have moments of feeling angry at God or abandoned by him. These are natural, human responses of grief. But we will not go on blaming God. If our image of God is a positive one, we will eventually return to a time when we recognise the comfort and love that is waiting there for us. 

It has been a while after I survived from my health turbulences but until now I can still feel the presence of God who held me close “as a mother hen gathers her chicks” so close to her (Matthew 23:37). 

And I am embracing now my “one-liners.” God stays with us during our struggles. I remember my favourite poem “Footprints in the Sand” which is really very true.

How about you, what are your “one-liners”? 



 • Mylene Reyes 
The Philippines