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Carollers beaten up

BANSWARA (AsiaNews): A group from Ss. Peter and Paul parish in the village of Tikariya, near the city of Banswara in India, was savagely beaten and accused of carrying out forced conversions  as a result of carol singing sessions held in private homes on December 14.

Father Stephen Rawat said, “I have no enemies, I was beaten because of my Christian faith.”

Father Rawat reported that a hostel near the scene of the attack is a hotbed of the ideology Hindu nationalism it is promoting among young people. “It is not improbable that they were behind this attack against Christians,” he said.

Like every year, the Tikariya parish organises carol singing in Catholic homes. This year the group consisted of 20 people, including three sisters, as well as women and children.

The home visits started on December 11, but the tradition was interrupted by the brutal beating.

About 30 people armed with sticks and batons waited for the group and hurled themselves at them after the service, as the carollers were heading for their cars.

The three sisters were spared, because they were still in the house, and the children were able slip away.

Eight people were beaten severely as shouts of “Victory to Mother India” went up. Some were taken to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, where three were discharged after treatment, while Father Rawat, three women and one man remained for observation and further care.

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