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Journalists behind bars on mainland

HONG KONG (SE): At least 38 journalists are currently behind bars in China amid an ongoing crackdown on the media during 2016, a report from the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists claims.

The list includes citizen journalists and bloggers. While the figure is down from the 45 of last year, the committee notes that the slight decrease does not mean that press freedom in China is improving.

“On the contrary, China has cracked down on human rights news websites, banned original reporting on the Internet, prevented journalists from travelling and tightened its grip on Hong Kong media,” researcher, Wang Yaqiu, wrote in a blog post analysing the results.

Wang said there may be many more Chinese journalists being held whose cases have not come to light.

“The government reveals little information about arrests, legal investigations and court trials,” Radio Free Asia quoted her as saying.


She added that the country’s tightly controlled media isn’t allowed to carry out independent investigations and people are increasingly reluctant to speak to foreign media or advocacy groups about politically sensitive matters.

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