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Was 2016 a happy year for you?

The year 2016 for me was challenging. Among my challenges was losing a job in the midst of big expenses in supporting my two children in college. It is worse to think that the first time I lost my job could be followed by another two consecutive terminations that made me feel empty. Thinking of my children back home, I began crying, asking why God permitted these things to happen to me.

Through the help and guidance of my Church mates, especially my choir mates, my hope restarted again. It was on 11 October 2016 when I left Hong Kong and I travelled to another place looking for a chance to get a job. Luckily, I found a job three days after arrival.

At present I have been working in Macau for two months. I thank the Lord for his unfailing love despite my weaknesses. He is always there to lend me his helping hands. In 2017, I really hope to be better for God is really good all the time.                                                                                                      ­  

                                                                                                       Nora Bayong


The year 2016 was the happiest one of my life that can never be forgotten. It gave us Pope Francis and through his wisdom we can experience compassion, love and mercy by passing through the Holy Door of Mercy.

And I, as a sinner, believe that God loves each one of us. I learned a lot, served a lot and prayed a lot. I do believe that this coming year, 2017, will be better with the help of Our Lady of Fatima, as we are going to celebrate 100 years since her apparition. For God all things are possible. 

  — Cynthia Divina


Last year was more challenging rather than a happy year for me. To start with, I felt challenged by God to take on a task that I did not really feel quite capable of doing due to time and other constraints. I also encountered frustrations and disappointments at work, the cumulative effects of which were such that I actually resigned from my job, before returning to it two months later.

Then it was my mother’s health issues, which made it necessary for me to take days off work to accompany her to hospitals and clinics from time to time, which reminded me that she is really advancing in years. She needs more care from me and I really need to cherish my time with her from now on.

Looking back at these events, I am reminded that I am loved by God amid the frustrations and disappointments in life. I am reminded that I have been surrounded by friends who offered me comfort and encouragement when I needed them. Looking ahead to 2017, I would like God to continue to respond to my needs, in the same simple, direct and effective way as he did in the past. I also understand that he has his own way and timetable in answering prayers.                                                       

  — Amy Pang


The year 2016 was an unforgettable year, because I was baptised on Easter Saturday, March 26, in our church. I also witnessed the Opening of the Door of Mercy by John Cardinal Tong Hon.

In August last year I was given a challenge. I was so frightened by this prospect! I prayed to Jesus in church and often times at home to give me the courage. Finally I boarded a plane and flew, with transit in Singapore, to Australia with my family member.

The piéce de résistance came when I flew from Australia to return to Hong Kong by myself. I get very nervous when there is turbulence. In this stressful state, I remember Jesus walking on water and he invited Peter to do so too. This experience put a shield on my stress.

2017 will bring many challenges for me. I have begun to be a reader at church. There are elements where I think I can improve. I am grateful to God for the challenges. Certainly, at times, I will feel stress but practice is the key.


 — Mary May Wong